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Thai Green Chicken Recipe at Mydish

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We all eat, so there must be at least one food item that each of us love; or something that makes us feel real good! For some, it might be something sweet, or something familiar; something that we had when we were younger and we had such wonderful memories with it. Hubby and I call those as "soul food". He has his own set of soul foods that were cooked by his mom, while I had my own set of soul food, too (cooked by both my mom and dad; yes, they both cooked our food when we were younger)! I don't have a compilation of recipes now, but the idea of having one online is quite tempting, and I guess Mydish is the answer!

Being able to find other home recipes as well as share my own, and being able to publish a recipe book from my compilation is great, and Mydish can help me do that.

I know I'll be able to find cake recipes there, too! My sister loves baking, so if ever I find one that is interesting, I will be able to provide her with the recipe. I don't do much baking, since usually I cook meals, but my sister does, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

The first time I hopped over to Mydish I was intrigued with the Thai Green Chicken recipe, and after reading it, I think I might be able to duplicate the dish. It looked so appetizing (I loved the shot), that's why I am encouraged to try it, too! I think I have to say, though, that I love dishes with coconut milk in it; blame it all on my father's cooking! :)

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