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Short Vacation

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One time, we had a short weekend vacation at a beach resort/hotel; it didn't have lots of customers that time since we arrived early. I had the luxury of enjoying their outdoor teak furniture all by myself while listening to the waves splashing and a samba song on the background.

I really had a relaxing time, and I didn't know that teak patio furniture can be so comfortable! Eventually, though, I had to stand up and leave because we were going to visit a friend who was living near the resort. But that experience left me quite well rested; something which I normally don't get, specially if a resort is crowded and too noisy. Well, we were lucky the resort wasn't full yet, but by the time we got back, there were already a handful of beach visitors; and noisy ones at that! I wasn't irritated, really. I mean, after all, it was a public resort! lol.

Still, that experience made me want to get my own teak patio furniture! And there's a place where I know I can get good quality ones:! :)

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