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The first time we bought our desktop computer, we were at a loss as to what kind of computer furniture we will be needing. We had an idea what color we wanted it to be, but the specifics we weren't that sure. It was the first time we were having our own computer, but we did get to see some computer tables in some offices.

We visited some malls and made some rounds through the different furniture stores; we also asked the personnel on what they could recommend, and they said that since they supply school computer furniture to one of the local schools, they have a wide range of designs we could choose from.

I must admit, they did have a wide range of designs, and we were somewhat overwhelmed! But we eventually found one, and we loved it!

Recently, though, after moving to another house, we have been thinking of changing our computer table; it seems too large. Good thing there's where we can shop online (our former store is too far away now). Since they just won a large school furniture contract, I'm sure they'd have lots of quality designs for us to choose, too! Will definitely be paying them a visit, soon ... :)

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