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I have always been wary about credit cards. But you know, after giving it a lot of thought, hubby and I decided that we need a credit card. What's important is that we use it only when we need to, and pay the dues as soon as we can. Preferably, before or on the due date.

Choosing the right kind of credit card is important, since you must make sure that you get your money's worth. It's great if you can find a credit card with lots of features, and is widely accepted.

MINT credit cards are accepted in 24 million locations worldwide, wherever you see the MasterCard sign. They offer lots of features including 0% on purchases until 01 June 2008. That's really something, and if you play it right, you might even get to have that one thing that you've always wanted instantly, and saved some money, too! They also offer credit card consolidation for those who feel that they need that service.

Now isn't that neat? They also have other features, too, and if you want to know more, just visit their site,!

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