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Hubby's Friend

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Hubby's high school friend migrated to England two years ago, and two months after their papers got approved, his wife and child followed him there. They have been inviting us over for visit, but international travel is costly, so we still need to save some more before we get to visit them. Hubby's friend continued to tell about their experiences there, and he said that the first time he arrived he was lucky enough to have found plenty of available
Hotels in London.
When his family arrived, though, they decided to visit other parts of England, and so they experienced staying in Hotels in Manchester as well as a few Hotels in Birmingham.

They found the hotels through where they found some great deals, he said. After all the travelling that they've done for the past few months, he said that it's about time they seriously think about getting a house of their own.

After that, I know they'll go travelling again! :)

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