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A Friend's White Christmas

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I have a former classmate who just went abroad because she wanted to take her masteral studies in another country. We were quite close when we were in college, and thinking about those times made me realize that I really do miss her. We used to go out on these fun and crazy outings (of course, harmless ones!) after every exams. Indeed, those were the days.

But now that she's in another country, she had to find an apartment which would suit her and her kids. Yes, she also brought her kids with her, and so I suggested some St. Louis Apartments which might interest her. She is interested in finding an apartment which would accommodate her two kids and herself; eventually, her husband will also be arriving, by next year.

Hopefully, by this time she has already found an apartment; and one that both she and her kids love. It's almost Christmas time and I hope that they will have their White Christmas in a house that they will remember for always. :)

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