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Finding an Apartment ...

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My cousins who migrated to the USA just recently wanted to transfer to Los Angeles because of their work.Being nurses, they wanted to find an apartment near the hospital where they will be working. They aren't really in a hurry to find one, and so they have been slacking a bit about looking. I suggested that they try finding Los Angeles Apartments over at

It has been ages since we've seen each other! They are older than me, so they are closer to my older sisters. But that hasn't stopped us from corresponding every now and then. Occasionally, I'd send them birthday or Christmas cards. Sometimes they call over, too, but not much.

I hope that they have already found an apartment for themselves before the year ends; January of next year will be the time when they need to start working at their new work area. They are excited about the idea, but hesitant about leaving their old place. They did have great moments there.

But, it's off to a new start for them, so I'm sure that they are all looking forward to it! :)

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