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Visiting Australia

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An aunt and her family have migrated to Australia a few years back, and they have been telling us to go and visit them sometimes. Of course, since their place is a bit far from the airport, we need to look around for some cheap hotels in Sydney that are respectable and with good service.

My Aunt told me beforehand that accomodation in Sydney can be expensive, if you don't know where to look. Good thing there's who can help with finding cheap Sydney hotels.

A friend has been there last year and she said that they went to see some of the famous sites like the Sydney Opera House, Koala Park, and the Royal Botanic Gardens, among others. The way she described their experience made me want to go there, too; even if it's only for a week, or for a weekend!

One of these days we will get to visit my Aunt staying there, and I'm sure it will be an experience we will never forget!

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