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Want to be kept abreast of the latest in Xbox 360 games? I know I would! Even if we don't have any Xbox 360 game console, I find it really satisfying just to be informed of the latest games. A nephew has the Xbox 360 console, while my son has a PS3. Too bad they can't play together (or visit each other's house to play); my nephew and his family live in another country! But when they do get the chance to visit us, they have a great time playing video games. Hopefully when we visit them this year (fingers crossed!) they will have the chance to play together again.

Want to know where I go for the latest games? I visit and see which games are available these days. So far, the most talked about games, Halo 3 and Rainbow Six: Vegas, are now available. Having just known about this, I'm sure my nephew would love to know, too. Unless, of course, if he has already beaten me to it! Which usually happens. :)

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