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Questia, for faster and easier research!

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I remember when my classmates and I were asked to do research during college; we used to go and flock to the library to find those books. Our university was located quite far from the city, so if ever we needed to find some more research materials, we had to wait for the other students to finish the book before we can read it ourselves.

The university's main library was stocked full of books, but not much on our course, so we had our own library at our college. Now that library wasn't as full of books as we'd wanted it to be, but we had to make do that time since our college had just transferred from another campus.

The students nowadays are lucky since they can now avail online the research materials that they need from Questia. So quite unlike us during our time!

Questia is said to have the largest compilation of copyrighted information and educational materials. The materials are digitalized by the company for easier researching and for faster access to information.

Teachers, students, hobbyists, researchers, and almost anybody will have instant access to information to over 5,000 FREE books that they are offering. Aside from that, the library has four selected subjects (Early American History, Leadership, Ethics, or Psychology) where you can avail of a free subscription to one trial set of books in the line-up.

Want to find out more about Questia? Then visit their site and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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