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On a stormy day, by T. Cor

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I received this email from my son's former teacher ...
She's now currently at Miriam College as grade1 guidance counselor.
Teacher Cor, thank you for sharing! :)

8-17-2007 on a stormy day


It does not fail to amaze me how children could lead us to moments of reflection .
Inspite of my new endeavor as a guidance counselor, I have longed to keep the relationships I have with the preschool children I handled. As the past school year ended and summer break began, I was touched, and at the same time troubled, that one of my dear angels would cry at night because she said she missed Teacher Cor.

I was informed by her mom (who has become a dear friend, too) that this has become a nightly episode before her daughter would go to sleep. It broke my heart that young as she is, she tried her best to hold on to who has become part of her routine for the last 10 months. Yet, I know, Lilipas din yan.

Thus, in some occasions when meetings were possible, the mom brought her daughter along. Our goal then was to let the child know that we could still see each other, though not on a daily basis as when I was still her teacher.

Thankfully, we were successful in our agenda. In the course of , more or less 5 months, the crying times have gradually waned.

Yesterday, as Dra. Nanette (my student's mom) and I were waiting for the screening of Maricel's latest movie , I inquired whether her daughter's senti moments still happened. She related that in one of their conversations, Yanni (my student) declared, "I still miss Teacher Cor but I am not sad anymore".
I smiled at this milestone. And in my heart, I know this could be true for me as well.

Yes, Yanni. We adults feel the same way. People who have come, touched and transformed our lives sometimes have to say goodbye- maybe in proximity, in a relationship, or in death. But, as they say, All shall come to pass. In God's perfect time, the darkest clouds will clear, the once piercing pain will be more tolerable, the heartaches will heal.

The memories do linger but somehow (God's how) we make it through. We move on. We, like Yanni, are not that sad anymore. Or shall I say, we choose not to be that sad anymore.

As I write this, the rains pour outside in varying intensities.
I admit that, deep within me, some storms are still there, though of different signals, as PAGASA describes them. In fact, tears still wash my eyes when flashbacks come. But maybe, with the battles I have already won, the flowing has become trickles of triumph for what I have chosen to let go.

Thank you, Yanni for reminding us that in our lives, we all could start another chapter. It is a daily decision to look at life in a better perspective, or even, as they really are. Sabi nga ni Maricel Soriano, may mga bagay na sa umpisa ay masakit, pero dahil tama, dapat gawin. Let's turn the page.(And watch the movie, A LOvestory).

HAhaha. Nag-promote lang pala ako, ano?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


*I have asked permission from her to post this .. and for that I'm really so grateful!*

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