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We all know that phones these days are no longer "just" phones; aside from making you go mobile (and being contacted easily wherever you are located), we now have the option to send text messages, and even MMS messages. I guess after text messages caught on with the people that's when cellular phones sales really boomed.

But all of these wouldn't be possible without exceptional mobile marketing coupled with good sms marketing; and can do just that! They even have free mobile Wikipedia service. All you have to do is dial 23907 with your request and then type in: ABOUT . An example would be something like ABOUT HALLOWEEN and then you send it to 23907; I will then be sent a link through my phone via a text message! That's really so cool!

Once you try out this service it could be quite addicting; but what's really great about it is you can have instant answers right at the palm of your hand!

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