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Off to Adelaide and then to Brisbane

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Having lived for almost twenty years in Australia since they migrated, my aunt has been asking my parents if they plan on visiting Australia soon. They haven't seen each other for years now, and I guess my aunt misses them. We used to be neighbors in the province; but not really next door, since they were located a couple of blocks away from us. Every now and then our families visit each other, though, and had gotten a bit close.

My aunt lives in Melbourne, but she likes traveling. So far, she has already been to Adelaide and has visited Adelaide Zoo together with some of her grandchildren. First they had to find Hotels in Adelaide, though, and it's a good thing that Adelaide Hotels were very accommodating since sometimes her grandkids could be difficult to handle. The pictures that they sent were proof enough! They are adorable, though. :)

I know that before the year ends they plan on visiting Brisbane, and that's why they were asking if my parents can make the trip. They are now on the lookout for great deals on Brisbane accomodation, and that's why they want confirmation from my parents.

What a great occasion it would be if there could be a reunion again!

What about you, interested in visiting Australia? Then visit and see the amazing deals that they have to offer!

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