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My Friend and France

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My classmate who lives in France right now is having the time of her life! It has always been her ambition to live there ever since college, and so when an opportunity came for her to work at an embassy, she grabbed the chance.

She told me that the first time she arrived, she was so excited that she didn't care if she and her other co-worker was going to be placed in separate France hotels, or not. Besides, she said, she was so overwhelmed that she didn't actually care if Paris hotels were great, or not. Yes, she was that excited. She didn't actually get to sleep the night she arrived.
It has been almost ten years since she's been to Paris, and she told me that she had been to almost all the sights around Paris that she can think of: Eiffel Tower at night,The Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvres, and a whole lot of others! She had after all, the opportunity to travel during those years.
She has been telling me to visit her whenever I get the chance, and she assured me not to worry about where I will be staying; if I don't like her place, she said jokingly, I can always find nice hotels in Paris!

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