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My Aunt and her Travel Abroad

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My Aunt had a penpal from Germany before she got married, and after a few years of correspondence, they each decided to visit one another's country. So, after a few months of preparation, the much-awaited day finally arrived.

The plan was that my aunt's penpal friend would visit her first, and then stay here for about a week. Then after that my aunt will accompany her penpal friend to Germany and stay there for two weeks.

Egon (my aunt's penpal) enjoyed her stay at my aunt's place and I remember they went to the beach almost everyday! She thoroughly enjoyed her stay here, she thought that one week wasn't enough; but she missed her sons, so after a week she and my aunt went back to Germany.
I know that they stayed in one of the Hotels in Berlin the first day that they arrived; her friend was too tired to drive to her house, which was around an hour's drive away from the airport, so they decided to try the Hotels in Berlin. They promptly traveled to Egon's house the next day.

My aunt not only got a tour of some of the scenic spots in Germany, but they decided to try and visit Vienna, too! This time, they found out about the Hotels in Vienna through (same as while they were looking specifically for Hotels in Vienna through a search engine. They had a blast doing the touring bit, and the pictures that she sent were proof enough for us here at home.

I tell you, my aunt couldn't stop talking about her fabulous trip abroad when she got back! Me, I enjoyed listening to her talk since the way she described it made me feel like I was with her on that trip, too! :)

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