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Man at the Mall

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Having moved to this house around two years ago, we had to change some of our furnitures because it just doesn't fit the current house. Our previous apartment was bigger, so the furnitures that we had then were bigger. This time, though, our apartment here in the city is smaller, so we had to sell some of our bigger furnitures (but we gave most of them away).

That means, though, that I am on the lookout for some furnitures for the apartment. Once we saw a man selling furnitures on a mall, and i liked the last discount furniture he had on his store. Too bad it already had a buyer, but that didn't stop me from visiting his shop every now and then.

I like his shop; it has lots of curious furnitures, that's why I make it a point to visit whenever we go to that mall.

That reminds me, weekend is almost here again; I should try to visit his shop and see what new things he has this time! :)

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