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A Friend and Her Kids

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A friend, who just recently left for another country, decided to continue on with her doctorate studies there. Since she had been to that country before (to take up her masteral studies), she was already familiar with the area, and she even got back her old apartment. This time, though, she has her sons with her, and so that meant that they needed to do some changes around the house. It's a good thing that their apartment is big enough for the three of them (her hubby couldn't leave his work and follow them; but he will, eventually) so all she had to do was move some furnitures here and there. She did mention, though, that since her apartment came with a bar, she needed some counter stools to complete the set. I know she doesn't do much entertaining (specially with her kids around the house, she said) but every now and then I know she likes friends to come over and just spend a great time relaxing. We used to do that often. I sure do miss our early evening talks.

But I'm honestly glad for her and how things are going on with her life; living in the USA together with her family has been one of her dreams, ever since I can remember.

Now, though, she has to find some new furnitures; particularly bedroom furnitures, for her sons. She said that she needed furniture for home office and the bar stools for her kitchen, too. She did mention that this is going to be a busy time for her; attend to her doctorate studies, as well as finding furnitures, arranging everything inside the house, and at the same time enroll her kids at the local grade school.

It has been ages since we last had a decent chat, and I hope she's doing fine. I hope, too, that she has already gotten her furnitures, but if not, I will be sure to tell her to visit! Better yet, if she wants, she can call them, toll free, over at 877-232-0783. I'm sure she'll love the different furnitures that they are offering, specially the counter stools and the bedroom furnitures.

What about you? In need of furnitures, too? Then visit and see for yourself the gorgeous furnitures they have online!

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