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Auckland, The City Of Sails

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It's always a welcome treat to be able to visit new places every now and then. For me it is always a learning experience, specially if the place is so different from mine, like in Auckland.

This coming October 19th till the 21st will be their coastal classic yacht race wherein you will be able to see hundreds of colorful yachts sail through the Waitemata Harbour as they leave for Russell, Bay of Islands, from Davenport.

Auckland accommodation will be put to the test when the visitors start to trickle in. I'm sure there are plenty of Auckland Hotels that can accommodate the large number of tourists that will be arriving, not only for the yacht race, but also for the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007; which will take place on October 25th till the 4th of November.

Hotels in Auckland are well-equipped to accommodate the visitors, and to make sure that you get your room, it's much better if you make reservations and deals being offered over at They will help make sure that your stay there will not only be enjoyable, but also something that you will never forget, and treasure all your life!

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