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Technorati again ...!!

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Well, well, well ... take a look at my technorati link number (the 267) today! It's located on the lower left portion of the blog, in case you're wondering where I got this shot. I remember, that was the highest that I got (or was it? I need to jiggle my memory here for a bit, me thinks. lol), before it started going down again to 260. The "evil" pattern (going up till 265-267, then slowly going back to 260 again!!) continued for around three weeks!!

That was when I started thinking about changing my template. But I like this template! Not the best, perhaps, but I just like it! So I thought about that "rel=no follow" script on my template's html. I already erased the one on the comments section ages ago (to make this blog "no follow") , but found another one somewhere at the trackback/ping section too! So, I erased that one just a couple of days ago ... Now, I think I did the right thing.

Unless, of course, after a few days it will start going down all over again ... sigh. Keeping my fingers crossed, but definitely not holding my breath. :D

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