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I'm glad that Paypal is now finally not just "send" here! I honestly believe that having the "send" feature isn't really that good for the country's economy ... all the money is leaving the country! But, I could be wrong. I am no economist, admittedly, so most probably they have a reason why it was so.

Now we can also "receive" and "withdraw" money from our paypal accounts! It still isn't really the "best", since after reading the instructions on how to withdraw the money ... we can only transfer the amount to our credit, debit, or prepaid accounts. Or transfer to a US based bank account. (Found out it's the same with Malaysia.) Hopefully, after some time we will be able to withdraw the money and transfer it to a local account. That would really be great!

But for now, we have to be satisfied with this great improvement ... and believe me, I am ecstatic about this (obviously)! :)

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