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Don't you just love it when romance is in the air and you know that you're in the thick of it? You can just feel your blood rushing and the excitement and expectation of something really wonderful to happen! However, that isn't always the case. So sorry to burst your bubble, but sometimes bad things happen, too.

I'm glad I found this site,, which not only offers a sample love letter, but also some articles about breaking up. Breaking up is never easy, and I have had the chance to actually witness one; a close friend breaking up with her husband. The site has some great advices about how to help a friend in a similar situation and believe me, it did help!

The site's really a gem for those who need inspiration ... and ideas on how to attract more love! Think you'd love to attract more love in your life right now? Then visit and be amazed at what some simple (but effective) advices can do for you! :)

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