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Huge Piece of Dirt

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Back when we used to live in the province (believe me, it really was very far away from where we're living now), we had this huge piece of dirt (that's what we used to call it, lol) in front of the house and it was up to us to make it look "nice". I started by adding in a couple or so of orchids, but it looked bare, still. Besides, I really never had this thing for orchids. They are gorgeous, but I think they need more maintenance than the shrubs that I chose.

Next, we looked around for stores which offered landscape lighting, including some pretty garden fences. They are easy to find, and good thing the ones that we bought were pretty easy to install. After we did all that, we breathed a sigh of relief. Now, our "huge piece of dirt" looks decent enough to warrant second looks from our neighbors, as well as some passerbys.

I do so miss that place. We plan to go back there again, one of these days.

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