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Grand Vacation Plan

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Are you just like me who loves going on vacations (if the budget permits, of course) with the family, and makes plans on where to stay, eat, places to visit and the daily activities? Actually, that seems to me like a strict schedule (too detailed, and I just know that after all the plans being made, only one or two will push through. lol!), but I guess it is important to have a plan. That doesn't mean you have to follow it to the letter, though.

Still, trying to find good places to stay is important, and came highly recommended. They can book you in numerous hotels in different places, like in New York, Prague, London, Dublin, and the two places that I would just love to visit: Rome and Barcelona.

Those places are quite far from where I am at, right now, but that's not stopping me. In fact, I know my husband would love to have the chance to visit those places, too! With my son, now that's another story. I know he'd much prefer to be visiting his cousins over the holidays, but if the budget is available, we'll ask his cousin to travel with us, too! Quite a big plan, really, but definitely something to look forward to, don't you think? :)

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