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One of my dreams is to visit distant places, and one of them is to travel Hawaii. I can just imagine the lush setting, the air slightly humid but still cool, the fabulous white sand beaches that seems to stretch forever, the cool drink on my hand, a laptop and my dslr camera with me. The last part doesn't seem to sound quite romantic, huh? But really, I need those to help me remember all the gorgeous things around me! :)

But first, I must have the latest Hawaiian travel info. Of course, my family must also be with me on this trip, so the first thing to consider would be the place to stay. offers an extensive collection of vacation homes for rent, from condos, hotels, to rental homes. What's great about the site is that pictures are available, so you now have an idea what the place looks like.

Think you're entitled to a bit of travelling like me? Then do check out their site and who knows, you might even get there ahead of me! :)

1 shared thoughts:

Gretchen at: Sat Aug 04, 02:23:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I would love to visit Hawaii. Of course, I would love to visit the entire world. :)

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