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Having safe and potable drinking water is very important for us all since lots of diseases can be transmitted through water. One of the things we need to consider (specially if we use the water directly through the tap) is a filter.

Brita tap from came highly recommended. With their titanium modern water filter kitchen tap, pure Brita filtered water can be enjoyed directly and used immediately. There is also a separate control for hot and cold water. The filter cartridge has a 500 litre capacity, and estimated to last for around three months. The lifetime of the filter can be determined by taking notice of the traffic light system located at the tap's base. Another feature which made me appreciate this tap is the design and the brass body with chrome finish. That's the Brita tap below. It sure looks real elegant and clean. also offers other Brita taps online, like their Rosedale traditional water filter kitchen tap. It also features the same chrome finish and the filter cartridge which fits discreetly under the sink. Changing the cartridge is easy since all you have to do is just unscrew the used one yourself and screw on the replacement filter. Isn't that neat?

After I found out about these water taps I am honestly thinking whether the water coming from our tap is safe, or not. So far we've been using the tap water without any filters, though we don't drink the water. Having the Brita taps would certainly make our lives simpler, safer, and healthier!

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