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Hotels in Australia

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I've got loads of cousins and in-laws in Australia, but I haven't been there, yet. We used to receive chocolates from them whenever they'd come home for Christmas, or summer vacations. I remember one time they even gave us vegemite. I was still young then, around 11 years old, and for the life of me I wouldn't dare try the stuff! Now, I regret not ever tasting it. That reminds me ... I would try looking for one here in our huge grocery stores; hypermarts, that's what it's called nowadays.

It was my sister who got the chance to live with an aunt in Australia, and she loved it there. But my aunt isn't there anymore; I believe she is staying with another cousin, but in another country. I would particularly love to visit Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, though. So I guess that means we have to find hotels in Sydney that are affordable, decent, and near the place where we plan to roam around. I believe there are hotels in Melbourne and also hotels in Brisbane that fits those descriptions, too.

Finding that great place to stay wouldn't be much of a problem, I believe, because of Hopefully pretty soon my cousins, in-laws, and I will be seeing each other after a long time! :)

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