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Best Pug Stuff on Earth!

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OOhhh, don't you just love that picture? Well, if you are a pug lover -like me (I really do think they're so cute!)- then you'll absolute love this site,! is a site owned by a mom/puggie team living in New York City. This is where you'll find the neatest pug merchandise ever; and what's really great about this site is that what you'll find here are all-original and fun products!

They have these cute merchandise all with pictures of pugs, like mousepads (trust me, you'll like the original designs!), tote bags (to put all those puggie stuffs in!), tile boxes (really cute!), mugs and drinkware (love that ceramic stein!), and even ones for baby! But that's not all! They still have lots to offer.

So, if you're a pug lover (or just basically a dog lover, like me!) or if you know of any pug-lovers out there, check out and see for yourself their wonderful products! You might even want to get their free wallpaper or send a free ePuggieCard to a grateful friend. :)

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