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Bollywood Images at IIFA 2007

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The IIFA (Indian International Film Academy) 2007 Media Conference was held recently in Leeds, UK, and some well-known celebrities were around to grace the occasion.

Photographer Vijay was there to take some shots, and had posted it over on his site, moviegupshup. So, are you interested in having bollywood wallpapers for your computer? No need to look for other sites! The site is quite easy to browse through and the pictures, even in thumbnails, are adequately spaced; making it easier to view, then choose. You just click on the picture that you like (or find interesting) and then preview it on a larger scale. You can leave comments about the shot, which is really quite useful if you want to let the photographer know what you think about the picture(s), rate them, or send them to your friends as e-cards. Now that's really a convenient way to get your bollywood wallpapers!

Here at moviegupshup you'll find pictures of those gorgeous ladies and their handsome leading men. Their most recent offering, the IIFA 2007 pictures, also features Salman Kahn, Shilpa Shetty, Mansi Scott (the host during the conference), and Abhishek Bachchan, among others. You can take your pick among the one hundred plus shots taken by photographer Vijay during the said occasion. The pictures here are available for downloads, and of good quality. Since the site holds numerous shots taken during the event, there are plenty to choose from, including a shot of the gorgeous Diya Mirza as seen at IIFA 2007.

So, for those who are into bollywood (am so sure there are lots out there!), go over there right now and check out the site! You'll enjoy it.

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