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Honestly, I want to get another self-hosted blog. I know, there are loads of online sites these days, but really, I don't care. lol. I mean, having a site all your own is great! More so if it's self-hosted, since it just means you get more control about how your site will look like. That would mean having knowledge about how the site works, too. There are sites that can help, like, or maybe your techie friend can help you out! Of course, all that would mean shelving out money; something which I am a bit low right now. lol.

It's still a plan, though. But time is running, and I must decide. Real soon.

This blog I plan to keep with blogger. I don't have as much time as I want with blog tinkering and so far this free site is doing just fine! Lately, though...loading time seems to lag. Too long, in fact, that more than once I fell asleep waiting! Yeah. Maybe it is my internet connection, but loading time in other sites seems fine.

Oh well. Life. :D

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