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My sister plays the guitar, and I don't. Not because I don't want to, but because I couldn't quite grasp how to play the intrument...and I never did take any guitar lessons, unlike her. I must admit, I do envy her a bit (just a teeny weeny bit, lol) but I guess I am also relieved that I don't have to take care of any musical instrument. She loves her guitar and even has some of those mf guitar humidifier just so she can properly take care of it. A brother-in-law has a guitar, too...but I never heard/seen him use it. Well, I don't stay long during visits so maybe that's the reason why I have never seen him strum his guitar.

The only instrument that our parents made us study was piano and at first I totally hated it. But gradually I came to realize that it has given me an advantage in my music classes (reading the names was easy)! :P

Our parents do know what is best for us...maybe 99% of the time. :D

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