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Brochures for the Class

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Just recently my son had a school project wherein they needed to do a research about some of the prominent figures that have helped mold our nation. They were asked to choose between leaders that are still alive and those that are already deceased. Since hubby and I are both veterinarians, he decided to do a research about Dr. Teodulo M. Topacio, Jr, who was just recently given the rank as a National Scientist (2009) by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

His group had to discuss his research and print Brochures, then pass them around for their classmates and teachers, as part of their info campaign. The brochure had to be easy on the eyes (good lay-out, distinct colors, and the ratio between pictures and texts manageable), informative, and most of all: interesting and easy to understand. It's a good thing that hubby is familiar with making brochures and our computer has a program that can guide you, so it really wasn't much of a hassle. Once the research was done, we had it printed. So happy we found a good and reliable printing lab that helped us. I loved the result - glossy and crisp colors on the pictures and prints! Loved the paper that they used, too - not too thick and not too thin, either. It was perfect!

Happy kid, happy parents, and happy classmates and teachers! :)

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