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Honestly, I have always been fascinated how one plays the harp. I almost always associate that instrument with fairies and far away lands. Yeah, blame it all on the fairy tales that my siblings and I used to read back when we were much younger. I guess our parents share the same passion too, since we certainly had lots of fairy tale books (most of them hardbound!) back then. Not only that, you can also find a sprinkling of paranormal, soul searching, and "how to improve one's self" books in our mini library. But that all changed when we started buying our own we've got detective/robot/sci-fi stories (one of my faves! lol), biographies, science, psychology and some books that are quite hard to categorize. But do you know what my all-time fave books are to this day that you'll find in our mini library?

Yeah, those fairy tale books! :D

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