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I remember those days when my eldest son used to have this fascination for anything that concerns any type of yo yo...and it was intensified when he found out that his cousin also shared the same passion! When his cousin came for a visit they had a great time sharing different techniques and showing each other what they knew. Hubby also joined in and shared some tricks that he knew when he was their age (that was eons ago, lol).

But that happened years ago, and they now have different interests. But you know what? What I love about their relationship is that even if they only get to meet a few times a year (his cousin lives in another country), they still chat and laugh every time they meet like it was only yesterday that they played yo yo together... :)

I love relationships like that.

1 shared thoughts:

Bee at: Tue Apr 03, 07:34:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Aww. I just adore those relationships where you can miss each other for a while then just pick up where you left off when you meet again. :D

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