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Yup, I got it. You can, too!

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In my previous post (two posts back) I mentioned that I first thought of starting a blog because I wanted a dslr camera. At that time, my family was really skeptic about it (including hubby); they never thought that you can make money online through blogging. I was a bit hesitant about it, too...that is, until I read a blog that mentioned she got her first dslr camera through blogging! That certainly got me inspired!

From then on, I tried searching for sites that offered paid blogging (there are a gazillion out there! lol, and I wasn't that choosy) as well as did a bit of linking and backlinking. Fortunately, I seemed to be doing the right thing back then...I got LOTS of offers and within that same year I got my dslr camera! That goes without saying I hardly slept at all during those days and nights, too...I was always on the look-out for opportunities. lol

I had to slow down when I got pregnant with my youngest, though. But, I got to do it...and am sure whoever is interested and has the drive to accomplish their goal(s) can do it, too! :)

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