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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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My eldest son will be entering high school next school year (unless the Department of Education states that they continue on with Grade 7) and we've started sorting out all of the stuffs that he won't be needing. We've placed them in separate containers/boxes and used some packing list envelopes during the process. I never imagined he'd have accumulated so much during those few years! So far, we've divided them into stuffs that we'll be sending over to my sister's younger kids, some for my SIL (she uses some of the books to help her with a project she's doing), and some for giving away to different organizations that will be needing them.

I believe that doing this is more helpful, not only towards the community, but also towards the environment. If we haven't done that, well, I guess most of it will just go to the trash.

I agree...let's reduce, reuse and recycyle!

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