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On Finding that 'Perfect Trip'

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Honestly, I have always dreamed of going on a vacation with my two kids and hubby. I mean, going somewhere where we can all enjoy the sceneries, laugh, play, and just basically enjoy each other’s company. We’re not swimming in gold, and that’s why the budget has to be considered. I have been trying to search online for good deals in one of those budget hotels and maybe secure an online reservation.

Looking around for those deals is no easy task for me, though. Specially since my time online is a bit limited (I still have to take care of my two sons and attend to their needs, you know. Plus, the house chores...don’t let me get into that! LOL). It’s a good thing there are some social websites that actually caters to budget-conscious persons (like me!) who want to go on vacations but doesn’t have that much time to look for that ‘perfect trip’ online. One such site that came recommended is Tralopia.

At Tralopia you will be able to get in contact with the travellers who chose a similar trip to what you’re planning, and even get access to travel guides, if you need one. Comparing hotel deals is now an easy task too (and their coverage is world-wide). Now, isn’t that time-saving! I want to know more, and so am posting their video here. Feel free to check them out, too!

"This is a sponsored post. However, the views and opinions are all mine."

1 shared thoughts:

Anonymous at: Fri Jan 13, 07:07:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Just had a quick look at the site, seems pretty new but design is quite ok and first impression was good =>I joined...
As for most of these travel & places social sites, their main challenge is related to their capacity to generate an important member base as it will dictate the value of their "social intelligence" & "traveller's like me" community.
This said, no doubt that social searches are the new way to search online.

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