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I have been blogging for quite some time now and have learned a thing or two. Yeah, I can be kind of slow somtimes. lol. One of the things a blog needs is to have your blog linked to other sites. Of course there are lots of ways to do it, and one way would be to visit other blogs, leave a comment, and ask for a linkback. That takes time, though, but it can be done. Another way would be to join a group of blogs which also have one thing in mind: get their blogs linked to other sites. Since I can't be glued to the internet and the computer 24/7, I think this route suits me best...and one family-friendly group that came highly recommended was BC Bloggers.


I will be submitting my link to their site today, and if you're interested, just click on the badge. Submission is until December 15th only. See you there! :)

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