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Thank you!

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Rules for these awards:
  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
  3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
  4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
I would love to thank Angelica Gomez of Telepathy for these overwhelming awards.
Maraming salamat po!

Seven Things:

  1. I like taking pictures. Almost everybody does, I guess. lol
  2. I have a twelve-year old, and a two-{soon-to-be-three}-year old.
  3. I almost always go for the desserts section first in buffets.
  4. I am a light sleeper.
  5. I am biased towards Canon cameras. lol.
  6. Am a self-confessed Scrooge. Except when it comes to food or my 'toys'. :D
  7. Sometimes I worry too much.
...whew. revealing stuffs about me is harder than i thought it would be! LOL

The Favorite Questions:
Name your favorite colors: Blue, Brown, Purple 

Name your favorite song: ..too many to mention... 
Name your favorite dessert: frozen yoghurt with mochi, fruits, and nuts 
What pisses you off: slow internet and computer 
When you're upset you: surf the internet some more, listen to music, tweak my shots 
Favorite pet: ...not one, but lots (dog, cat, fish, mostly); would love a horse, but maintenance is expensive. lol 
Black or White: white 
Your biggest fear: not being there for my kids/family 
Best feature: i have one? LOL 
Everyday Attitude: Do the best that you can, while you still can. :P 
What is perfection: GOD 
Guilty pleasures: lenses for my camera, computer, sweets, and buying online stuffs

... and now i am supposed to pass on these awards to other bloggers out there.
But I can't, for now. There are just too many awesome bloggers out there!

Many many thanks again, AG! ♥

2 shared thoughts:

Angelica Gomez at: Fri Aug 12, 08:10:00 AM GMT+8 said...

you're welcome!
i also like canon cameras! and if i ever had the money to buy one, i'd like it to be my first camera! haha. :)

btw, ang ganda ng header mo. ang sarap titigan. :)
saka 'yung parang signature sa baba ng post! :)
and ung divider (?) para sa shared thoughts!

haha, lahat maganda. :))

maiylah at: Fri Aug 12, 08:36:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Yes, another canon fan! hehehe...ung iba ko kasing kakilala gusto nila nikon. :D

...thank you sa compliments! malaking bagay na yan for me, coming from a techie person like you!
...mas gusto ko sana ung roatating header, kaso di ko makuha-kuha ung time. lol

thank you thank you ulit! ♥

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