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Food Friday

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This week's Featured in Food Friday player is.....

Ms. Sherry of I Am A Cooking Show Fan with her post:
Pad Thai

Being a relatively new blog (started March 2011), I believe "I Am A Cooking Show Fan" started out as just that: a foodie blog which will deal mostly with cooking shows. That Pad Thai (from My Thai) which she shared with us last week actually had me drooling...and made me want to get myself a plateful that day! lol. I encourage you to check out her site and have a look around...leave her some comment love, and maybe include a link (or two) to one of your favorite food shows!


This week's Food Friday post is something really simple: Tofu with Tomatoes and Peas

My mother never really liked tofu, so it was something that we never saw on our dining table. I only found out about it when I left home and started college; and when one of my sisters started buying it on a weekly basis, I got hooked. Am glad that my sons also like tofu (hubby's basically an all-meat-type of guy, lol, but he eats tofu every now and then) so now we have it at least once a week.

Ingredients were simple:

Tomatoes, peas and marinated tofu
  • marinated tofu (around a half kilo block, which I sliced and marinated in soy sauce, smoked paprika, vinegar, and freshly ground black pepper)
  • tomatoes 
  • cooked peas (canned)
  • canola oil (for frying the tofu as well as for sautéing), salt, pepper, sesame oil

Here's what I did:
  • Fried the sliced marinated tofu, then set them aside to cool before slicing them into strips.
  • Removed some of the oil and sauteed the sliced tomatoes and then lowered the fire; I wanted the tomatoes to be really mushy so I continued cooking for about five more minutes. If it gets dry, you just add in a bit of water.
  • Peas came next. Simmered for around three more minutes.
  • Tofu (which were fried and sliced by now) were mixed in. 

Taste-testing and adjusting. I actually wanted my dish to be a bit soupy (but not too much), so I added in more water. Chicken stock could be another option, but I didn't have it that time. Sesame oil (just a few drops) was added last. We just love the aroma of sesame oil... :)

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16 shared thoughts:

Winnie at: Fri Aug 26, 12:30:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hi Maiylah - I loved the Tofu with Tomatoes and Peas.
I'm a veg. and it's a wonderful dish for me, and it looks great!

Mika at: Fri Aug 26, 12:36:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Mouthwatering! I miss eating tofu. One of these days I'm going to an Asian store to buy tofu and follow your cooking instruction :) I'm excited!

Luna Miranda at: Fri Aug 26, 01:44:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hi, Mai, will try to post tmrw (later na pala)...having problems with blogger.:(

Arlene at: Fri Aug 26, 02:31:00 AM GMT+8 said...

U did great on this Mai! I love doing that kaso lang i want to go slow on frying this time. But i do that recipe too and make it as toppings in some of my food. ^^ sarap yan. U can just even eat the fried ones and dip it in tuyo with kalamansi. hot rice. so perfect!

Am up and my entry is vegetarian kilawin.

So sleepy now. Will be back tomorrow to blogho. =)

alyssa at: Fri Aug 26, 08:11:00 AM GMT+8 said...

That tofu recipe is very inviting! I don't like tofu, too. Except if it's toasted like the ones we have in tokwa't baboy.

oggi at: Fri Aug 26, 08:55:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Smoked paprika makes the tofu dish extra yummy. I love it and the hubby will surely love it too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.:)

maiylah at: Fri Aug 26, 01:09:00 PM GMT+8 said...

hi Winnie's so cool about your being a vegetarian! glad you liked the recipe. :)

thanks, Mika
...feel free to do some adjustments! :)

thanks, LM
...glad to know you posted your link successfully! much appreciated!

thanks, Arlene
...good for you! same here, trying to cut back on frying; was actually thinking of steaming the tofu, pero tinamad. lol

thanks, alyssa
...hehehe, i love tofu! kaya siguro ung mga anak ko walang choice kundi magustuhan ung tofu kasi i make it a point to cook at least one meal a week with tofu. :D

thanks, Ms. Oggi
...oh yes, we love smoked paprika! sometimes i use spanish paprika. :)

many many thanks again to everyone!
have a safe and happy weekend! ♥

Angi at: Fri Aug 26, 08:08:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks for the recipe!

happy weekend!

France@beyondthepeel at: Fri Aug 26, 11:16:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I love smoked paprika.

maiylah at: Sat Aug 27, 01:16:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Angi
...feel free to do lots of modifications! :)

thanks, France
...loved that recipe you posted! i never thought of adding smoked paprika to pan-fried fish...i just might do that!

thanks so much for playing again, ladies
happy weekend! ♥

Juliana RW at: Sat Aug 27, 01:06:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Really COOL shots, Maiylah

Frazzled Mama at: Sat Aug 27, 11:58:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hi!! I'm stopping by and follow from the Wild Weekend Blog Hop. I hope you'll check out my blog Frazzled Mama at and follow me back.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Kim, USA at: Sun Aug 28, 01:33:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hello Maiy sorry at medyo very late tong comment ko. Anyway, I love these tofu recipe because it is easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find. And then I found out that tofu is good to prevent post menopausal syndrome, daw!! To think that itong ate Kim mo is there already to that point buy naman agad ako. And I hope this is true because it is not easy. I am not yet in the first step eh I feel na good anymore. Eh ang lamig nang panahon naka-pamaypay ako at pinagpawisan at ang mood swing aba parang pregnant ang feeling lol!! And if tofu does help I would really buy a lot of these. Kaya lang ang na buy ko for now is medium soft,dapat pala sana hard!! Pero sige lang I will find ways and means na ma slice ko hehe. Thanks again and happy weekend!

Food Friday

maiylah at: Sun Aug 28, 12:40:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Juliana happy to know that things are looking great for you and your family!

thanks, Frazzled Mama
...much appreciated! followed you back

thanks, Manang Kim
...i didn't know that tofu also helps during menopause! thanks for the oo nga, i should have written what type of tofu i used (i used the firm type)...ung soft type ata usually ginagamit sa taho-making (something that i'd love to make one day!).

many many thanks again to everyone!
stay safe and enjoy the weekend! ♥

Gene at: Tue Aug 30, 11:34:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Oh my god! I love tofu! This is such a blessing. For some who loves tofu the only dish that I can cook with is is sauteed pechay. And sauteed bean sprouts pala. Weird I know. But I can't get enough of it. My favorite is a dish by my father and he wouldn't teach me how to cook it. :( Whenever we go visit his place, I always request that he cook tofu with pork. Not the other way around because I love tofu better than pork, hahaha! He cook it with tausi and something else. Gosh, na-miss ko tuloy! Sakto, I'll go to the grocery tomorrow. I'll buy tofu and peas.

Sorry sa novella. Na-excite ako sa tofu recipe. :D

maiylah at: Wed Aug 31, 08:02:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Gene too, i love tofu more than pork. :L
...i love mixing tofu with just about anything, even scrambled eggs! weird, 'no? sometimes we also mash them up and make them into tofu balls. lol.
...glad that you liked my recipe; feel free to do lots of modifications. after all, taste is such a personal thing! <3

enjoy the rest of the week! :rainbow

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