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Accidents are Expensive!

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A few weeks back we had a car accident. Nope, my sons and I weren't around that was only hubby who was inside the car. It happened early evening, at around past seven. Or was it earlier? I wasn't too sure, but I do know that it was drizzling the whole day and the fog was really thick. Hubby was just dropping off some of his former classmates and he was heading home when the incident happened. I had a bad feeling when he left that night...and the dreaded call came.

We were relieved that nobody was hurt, but still, an accident is an accident. No automobile lifts were necessary, and only the vehicles were damaged. It was not hubby's fault and the owner of the other vehicle had to admit it was his fault and he will pay for the damages.

part of the damage...left side, with the side mirror literally ripped off

Know how much everything costs for the repairs? Roughly around Php80K.

2 shared thoughts:

alyssa at: Thu Aug 25, 09:18:00 AM GMT+8 said...

oohh.. ang laki ng natapyas. >.<

maiylah at: Thu Aug 25, 01:29:00 PM GMT+8 said...

yup, malakit talaga...tapos marami kelangan palitan; pati kasi ung sa window sa likod (left side) nabasag. walang choice ung owner ng other vehicle...sila ang magbabayad kasi it was their fault. lol.

thanks for dropping by and commenting, alyssa! :)

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