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A former classmate of mine recently had her third baby and of course they were all happy about it. What she didn't like, though, was the pregnancy period itself since she felt sick all the time! Her hubby was understanding and thoughtful enough (he even had Minneapolis flowers delivered straight to their house...isn't that so sweet?), but he did breathe a sigh of relieve after the delivery. He knew she was suffering, but couldn't do much about it.

It was a premature delivery (she was on her eighth week of pregnancy), so the baby was left at the hospital for some time. Time enough for her to rest...but I could tell she missed her baby. Finally, when the baby arrived home they were ecstatic. I told her to send me some shots and she promised she waiting. Patiently.

I remember the day I delivered my was uneventful. lol. Thank heavens! :P

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