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Rainy Season's Here again...

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I guess it's the start of the rainy season again, and that means more sniffles and coughs, too. Actually, my sons and I got the sniffles and coughs last month and they're both fine now. As for me, there's still an occasional cough, or two.

Since my youngest doesn't like taking his decongestant medicine, I have gotten creative: mixed it with his favorite chocolate drink. I know, it's not the newest trick in town, but it seemed to work for him. Though of course we also needed the help of those dehumidifiers, specially at night. Am so glad that both my sons are fine now. In fact, I have already returned my sister's dehumidifier since we were no longer using it! :)

Now I just have to take my vitamin C more often so that my cough will go away....

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