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My sister's friend "M"

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Two days ago a friend of my sister visited us here at home; he was really nice and played with the kids (a six year old and a two year old, which can really be obnoxious at times, LOL). He was my older sister's former classmate and I must say, really almost like a walking encyclopedia. Specially when it comes to plants (but take note: he graduated and finished his Phd in Mathematics!). He used to work at the University of the Philippines, but he quit his job because he didn't like the politics that was going on...and now he's 'doing his own thing'. He's the youngest in his family, but he's all alone now.

A bit sad, their family story: he had a brother who was addicted to drugs but refused a heroin detox, his father had plenty of other children with other women, he had another brother who had a mental breakdown, and another brother died in a fire. Ugh.

I wouldn't want all that drama in my life, but I guess we can't all choose whatever we want, so we have to make do and adjust. Or else we'd go berserk!!!

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