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No More Fixers?! I dont think so...!!

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... had my driver's license renewed. Initially, we thought of going to the mall (you can also renew your license there), but hubby said that maybe it's easier if we go to the main office along East Avenue. . I consented., but was honestly hesitant. Little did I know that my intuition was correct!

When we arrived there someone immediately "greeted" us with, "License, ma'am? License, sir?". My first thought was: he's one of those fixers (they say they are there to help, but of's not free). We told him we were fine, and proceeded to a tent that says "Renewal of License". We got an application form and we were told to get our 'medical'. She pointed to a girl which she called "Maganda (which means beautiful)" where I can get my 'medical'. She was sexy (yeah, she was really, with interesting contact lenses. To make the long story short, we followed her instructions and someone brought us to this sleazy looking 'medical clinic' outside the LTO. I was really suspicious but went ahead. It went fairly fast...but my anger was also mounting.

I got my 'medical'; a board says that payment due was only Php300 but I actually paid Php400. I only noticed when I checked the change, which was too late by then. Grrrrrrr.....!!!!

Then when we went back to ask where to go next, another employee was there, and gave me a number (which wasn't really that necessary, if only he looked at my application). He pointed us to a building with lots of 'windows'. The line was quite long...then their PA system announced that they were offline, and they can only serve until #200 (and I got #203)! A lot of people left grumbling, then hubby asked the lady behind one of the windows if we can still be served. When she looked at my application, she pointed us to another building, telling us that we shouldn't be there. We left (happily!) and from there it was all just a matter of minutes before I got this:

Honestly, I don't think I'd renew my license at the main office again. Unless I already have my 'medical' with me. That was a rip-off, the medical thingy. I don't think my urine was even tested for anything! I saw lots of urine bottles littered on a counter, and only one girl was there...and she was on the computer all the time! Sigh. It just makes me mad...I don't mind paying large amounts, as long as I know it's worth it.

Welcome to the real world, huh. :/

6 shared thoughts:

Angelica Gomez at: Thu Apr 14, 04:57:00 PM GMT+8 said...

sad to say, but, that's just how it is here in the philippines. :(

maiylah at: Fri Apr 15, 06:47:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Angelica
...oo nga eh. nakakaasar. hopefully mawawala ung mga fixers na yan as time goes by...but am not holding my breath. lol.

Swathi at: Fri Apr 15, 12:10:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Sorry to hear about your experience.

maiylah at: Fri Apr 15, 07:47:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks for the sympathy, Swathi. :)

MPAM at: Thu Aug 16, 12:50:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Hello! Just saw your blog while I was googling the net regarding driver's license renewal. Maybe next time you may want to try to renew your license at the mall nearest you. Here is the link of the LTO-DLRCs (Driver's License Renewal Centers) FB page.

I assure you that there will be no FIXERS in the area! :)

-Precious Miranda

maiylah at: Thu Aug 16, 11:31:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Precious
if i remember correctly, we did go to the mall first, but it was so crowded (and smelly), and the man on the counter told us that they can't accommodate anyone anymore that day; this was at SM North EDSA. I actually had my license renewed there previously, but the place was much bigger then. anyway, lesson learned. lol
thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment! :)

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