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Trip...for next year

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Hubby has mentioned more than once that he'd love it if we get the chance to go on a road trip. I would love that, too. We've got more than one consideration to think about before we pack our bags and go, though...for starters, our youngest is still small (just two years old) to go on extended long rides (our opinion...actually, mostly mine. lol). Next we need to consider insurance. I wonder if a 5th wheel insurance is enough? Then of course another important consideration: hubby's job. Not too sure if the company will allow him to go on an extended leave. Lots of other things to consider, and that's why we decided that this year isn't the right time.

Maybe next year... :)

2 shared thoughts:

Luna Miranda at: Tue Mar 29, 01:00:00 AM GMT+8 said...

now that i'm semi-retired, i can go on extended trips!:p i'll be having one next month...can't wait.

maiylah at: Tue Mar 29, 03:36:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, LM
...semi-retired? good for you!
sama ako! lol
safe trip!

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