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Too bad...

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Am sure most (if not all) of us owned a mobile phone one time or another. I think I've owned around four mobile phones since my first one, around twelve years ago. Phones back then were kind of large, but you can be contacted even if you were mobile, so it was convenient having one with you all the time. Of course, there was the time of the beeper, too...but it wasn't as 'fun' as the phone (which also had games). There are now different phone models, including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola, just to name a few. What's great about the mobile phones available right now is that they also have their own cases, like this motorola case which we saw last weekend. I've been looking for a case [for my phone], and that particular case caught my eye. However, when I placed my phone inside, it wouldn't fit! Ugh. Too bad.

Maybe next time? Sigh...

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