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I know that having a business of your own is much better compared to being employed. That way, you're your own boss. Of course, it takes lots to having and running your own business, too. My father is a perfect example...while he was employed, he also had his own businesses: trucking, farms (sugarcane, rice, coconut), and he even ventured into managing a bakeshop after he retired. I don't know why he didn't try to franchise one of those well-known businesses. I guess partly because franchising those days were unheard of.

Now that he's already in his 80's (God bless him for always...) he still wants to manage the rice farm. Of course, he's no longer as mobile as he wants to be (he suffered another stroke that left his legs weak), so my brother takes care of that now. I know, my father's a workaholic. He's been that way since I can remember. I just wish he'd take it easy's time we take care of him, instead of him taking care of us. ♥

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