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Have you ever experienced being in a vehicular accident? I did, once (and I hope it stays that way!) with my mother. I was actually all right since my mother cushioned my bump. My mother was the one who had her arm bone fractured, though. We wanted to ask the owner of the jeepney for compensation, but I don't think they had the money. I'm not really sure what was settled upon, but I wish we had something similar to those lawyer tucson which you can see online. Having them on our side could have persuaded the jeepney owner to pay up.

In the long run, I think my parents didn't do much more about it. The jeepney owner wasn't that well off (and it was his driver that was actually at fault), and he was sorry. I don't know what happened after that, but since then we have been more cautious when we decide to use public transportation.

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