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Another Anniversary...whoa!

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Would you believe that our 12th wedding anniversary is going to be less than two months from now? Yup. Less than two months from now. Hubby and I haven't talked about what we'll be doing, but I hope it's fun. Maybe I could get one of those Personal Creations anniversary gifts for him, or maybe we'll get a new camera (again, I know. lol). He sold the Canon 450D to his sister and now we only have one camera left (Canon 550D). It would be nice getting two cameras again. You want to know why? Well, that's because we prefer different lenses (he uses his 18-200mm while normally I use my 100mm macro lens). Yeah, we differ a lot in our shooting 'methods'. lol

Whatever happens during our anniversary, I just hope that it's just a prelude to more years of blissful togetherness... ;)

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