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Still a kid after all...

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My youngest is now two years old, and quite a handful sometimes specially if we go out. It just makes me wish I had known about those bob revolution se (se = sport edition) strollers when he was younger. Sure, we got him a stroller, but it wasn't quite safe to use anymore after he turned one and a half years old. He is a bit on the big side and loves moving around a lot; the stroller could just possibly topple over with him on it! So what we did: let him run loose. LOL. Of course, someone's always watching over him, which can be quite tiring if you don't have the same amount of energy that he does. Like me.

It's a good thing that he now listens most of the time what we tell him. He can be quite stubborn sometimes, but hey, he's still a kid after all.  ;)

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